About Us

Outpost Comics started as a mail order business selling comics, toys and other collectibles back in October 1979, and we sell online. Our inventory spans from 1940 to present, and we are constantly adding new inventory to our store. Currently, since we closed down our old website, this new site is a work in progress, but it has quite a few entries and most with the actual pictures (covers) from the books (99.6 %) to get you own personal view for grading. Due to poor shipping practices by the USPS, we will now add insurance on any package $75.00 and up (on our dime). Enjoy the shopping.

We Buy Collections

At Outpost Comics we are willing to purchase you collection at a fair price… But there are some rules to follow…

If you would like to sell your collection on your own, we do offer space on our website to do so (with a 10% commission for us). You will find the link for “Vendor” on your account “dashboard”. Apply for vendor status, we will approve once we see a list of your planned entries, and then allow you to list on this site. If you are a competing comic business, this is not for you.